Volunteer at P3 Foundation

Volunteer at P3 Foundation

What you do makes a difference and you have to decide what kind of difference you want to make.

Youth-Led Organisation

P3 Foundation is New Zealand's leading youth movement with a vision to see extreme poverty end within our generation. Extreme poverty is unjust and we believe that its impacts should not deprive anyone of the ability to sustain themselves and contribute their talents to the world in which they live.

We believe in a world where every person is given the chance to follow their dreams, and we are making that dream a reality.


Since 2011 we have raised over $150,000 for our development partners in India, Burma, Indonesia and Tonga. To end extreme poverty, we need to be smart about development, and mindful of the work that we support. Good intentions simply aren't enough - what we do has to be based on best practice. Development work must be holistic, empowering and sustainable. No one knows more about a community than the people in it, so our local partners put them at the forefront of development projects.